Powerful days of power in February. Find out what days the most powerful in its energy

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 08:59

Powerful days of power in February. Find out what days the most powerful in its energy
Days power have a powerful energy. In this mystical time everyone has a chance to succeed in life effortlessly.

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Days forces possess a powerful energy, reports Rus.Media. In this mystical time everyone has a chance to succeed in life effortlessly.

Any day of the force is a powerful emanation of the energy that is caused by something special. The change of seasons, lunar phases, religion — all of this can be attributed to a mystical time, which has high energy. In determining days of power made to agree dates with important events in the world of numerology, astrology and esoterics. Such days improve the power of the person and, importantly, require decisive action to improve their lives.

February 1 — the day of balance

The moon is in the third phase, which is in the constellation of Leo — a rather harmonious time when the whole world is in balance. The positive energy of this day will push to the beginning of something new. It can be anything: the beginning of a relationship, job search, apartments for sale, solution of old problems. This day will become for you a sort of runway.

Under the influence of Leo the easiest way to deal with gaps and uncertainty. Astrological look king forward, he’s a stranger to fears and doubts, it comes not hesitate. Leo will give confidence to you. This is perhaps the only day that will help come to internal agreement. People will see only their merits, blind to faults, and this feeling is worth to keep for the entire month.

Appears sharp sense of excess energy that is better spent on creative development. Otherwise unspent energy power can be realized in a hasty and negative behavior and actions.

February 2 — a day of universal joy

This is the most important day from the astrological point of view, which is ideal for those who want to look into the future or decided to connect your life with another person. According to the lunar calendar waning Moon will be in Virgo. This is one of the best positions of the moon, as the energy of the day will be especially strong.

This is the day of acquiring inner freedom, emancipation, purification and restructuring of the energy. This is a special time and from the point of view of numerology, because 02.02 is a mirror date. The day will have a dual nature, because the world will come under the power of four. Two two to give four, so all of us will cover an irresistible desire to improve their lives. Selfish intentions should not scare you. Now it is important to use them for their own purposes. The only thing you have to remember — it’s about conscience. You can become more successful if you let your heart to others. Try to help loved ones, in the future, they can help you.

February 5 — the day of the Moraine

It is a pagan holiday dedicated to the Moraine — the goddess of death, disease, winter and cold weather. The mythology of the Slavs Moreno connects with a seasonal rituals, rites and incantations that are dedicated to nature and its revival. On this day our ancestors connected the life with nature, bringing love, prosperity and well-being through rituals.

February 10 — day brownie

The belief in the supernatural is still alive, despite the fact that the knowledge about the modern world over the last century has increased markedly. Many believe that the main boss in the house is not the spouse and the house. The day of the main mythological host is marked in the Slavic calendar February 10. On this date becomes effective supernatural world, borders are erased, people have acute intuition and other latent abilities. The main challenge in the day — to cajole the house to help you let in your home happiness and prosperity.

16 February — the new moon in Pisces

Astrologers celebrate the February Guy as one of the most joyful and happy days. That’s why February 16, arguably the most powerful and important in February. Update of the Month will be energetically favorable. 16 Feb is the best day to improve your life. Until the rebirth of the moon cosmic energy is normalized that will not cause dissonance and problems.

15 February — Candlemas

Candlemas is a Christian holiday, filled with joy and sorrow, memories of the past and thoughts about the future. It is a special day for believers, but we should not forget that he also has the strength and happiness to each individual through enhanced energy. On 15 February, it is advisable to spend time with loved ones, in the family circle.

In the old days this day was performed the protective rites from the negative. The water is considered curative, she typed in large quantities. Now things have changed, many traditions have been forgotten, but their strength from this day is not lost. It will be a relaxed and happy day, which should be enjoyed. Some rest from the hustle and bustle, obsessive thoughts and negativity, which used to face during each day. Positive energy, which you now admit in your heart that will last a long time.

February 18 — saying goodbye to Maslenitsa

Brave Carnival is my favorite national holiday, as well as a powerful energy day. At this time space energy charges the world, and the people their enthusiasm energize the space around.

Start off winter, cold, discouragement, and apathy. Nature is preparing for fast Sunday, which rebuilds the energy around. Traditional and enchanting ritual of this day is the burning of an effigy symbolizes the winter. According to legends, along with a straw doll is burnt everything bad and obsolete negative.

February 28 — day astrological forces

On this day the heavenly bodies will be particularly in tune with each other that will give people freedom. This is a great time for introspection: it is possible to prioritize and find meaning in life. Your dreams will lead you in the right direction, so try to bring them to life. No need to shut the world and people. On 28 February you will have the chance to find the key to all doors. Try to negotiate with their inner self and to move from words to an active offensive.

Change your destiny in one day. Not necessarily that it was a day of power. Just in these days the universe gives us more opportunities to succeed. A surge of positive energy will push you forward, you only need the desire to change your life. Whether you like it or not — you decide, but don’t forget that the missed chances tend to come back.

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