Prince George: 700 gifts for the Royal Baby!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Prince George is probably the most spoiled child in the UK! The little boy would have received 700 gifts officially listed by Buckingham …

There are children who are born with better cards than others. Prince George (who went to see Santa with his parents) undeniably one of the lucky children because in addition to being born in one of the richest monarchs in the world and prepare a future royal (c ‘ Is the case to say), it is also archi-spoiled by its “subjects”, namely the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. According to the Telegraph, Buckingham had identified 706 gifts to Baby George in 2014! These gifts include: cuddly toys, clothes, toys, books, a small amphibious boat, twenty sports items, two pairs of sheepskin boots, a rocking horse, household items , A table, a musical instrument … Not sure that the little boy has time to play with all that!

For comparison, Queen Elizabeth has not received “a hundred”, which proves the popularity of Royal Baby, but especially of his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton (who expect a little girl) ! But the latter, with the help of her mother Carole, would see to it that George was not too spoiled … Lost for the little prince so beloved by the British! During his last Christmas, the Daily Mail said that the young heir had received the equivalent of 9000 euros in various gifts. A golden childhood … What do you think of all these gifts?