Prophetic dreams according to the signs of the zodiac

Techno 15 December, 2017

2016-07-29 21:55

Prophetic dreams according to the signs of the zodiac
For many centuries people are trying to unravel the mysteries of dreams. And of course, of particular interest are the prophetic, prophetic dreams that warn about the dangers or foretell important changes in life. What it is: a coincidence, a sign or hint of the subconscious? Today, scientists have no doubt that precognitive dreams do exist. Moreover, they see almost everything about one dream out of a hundred contains important information. As for people with psychic abilities, they are the dreams in 75-80% of cases!

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Our contemporary, witty French writer Bernard Berber, once wrote: “Dream — time as the only period of time when we are free. In the dream we allow our thoughts to do what they want”. And he was certainly right. That’s just who needs this really? Most prefer not to think about what he saw in the dream, consciously or not, do not allow the dream to invade their ordinary everyday life. And a very good reason. It is proved that dreams can tell a lot if not about the future, then, at least, about the past and present — about the man, about his difficulties and desires, hopes and fears. And most importantly, during sleep you can discover the key to solving many problems.

But the dreams have become your helpers and advisers, in particular, need to remember them. It is not too difficult. I want to offer you a few rules that will help to build a bridge between dreams and reality, to make contact with his own subconscious and to learn to decipher his clues. So, let’s start.

  • • Before you go to bed, tell yourself that you intend to remember a dream after waking up. If you want to dream about something specific, focus at the desired object or event.
  • • Keep next to the bed, a pen (pencil) and paper.
  • • As soon as you Wake up, before you open your eyes try to remember what you dreamed. If fails, try to focus on your thoughts and feelings, and as soon as something comes to mind, immediately grab a pen and paper.
  • • If still dark, turn on a soft light and sketch your dream or briefly outline the plan, including all the details that are remembered. Try to write down as much specific information, but don’t try to interpret it: you will do later.
  • • After some time, re-read the record and compare them with events that happened in real life. Maybe there are some Parallels? If not — a direct reference to a particular case of life? Be mindful of your dreams and gradually they will become your trusted advisors.

By the way! Dreams can be prophetic, often unusual, bright, colorful, emotionally rich. They amaze, frighten, or, conversely, very encouraging. Often in the course of one night these dreams are repeated in two or three options. Prophetic dreams are usually dramatic completed. Furthermore, they often present some spherical or round objects (ball, plate, lamp, clock).
Very often the person who sees a prophetic dream, the feeling of complete confidence that everything seen is true, and these impressions remain in the memory for years to come.

Dreams by zodiac

Astrologers have noticed that people born under the sign of Pisces, often prophetic dreams in which the main theme is love, children or the lottery, betting, gambling.

Cancers should pay special attention to the dreams,travel to far exotic country, especially if you know about these territories only by hearsay. In most cases, prophetic dreams accompany the career growth of Cancers or warn about some events at work.

Prophetic dreams Scorpions are usually associated with learning in school, University, courses, and exams, graduation
or dissertation. Even if you have already left the Desk, such dreams is to listen: they can tell you how to behave in difficult situations and remind you that questions of education and self-improvement should always be in the foreground — otherwise, it is likely to fail.

Those who were born under the air signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, in the dream often has to solve complex problems — both life and research. History knows cases, when it is in sleep developments on a global scale. So, Aquarius of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev dreamed Periodic system of chemical elements.

The famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who was born under the sign of Libra, saw in a dream the structure of the atom. Also described the incident that happened with the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov (Weight). Besides literature, he was seriously fond of mathematics, in particular, likes to show off in high society mathematical tricks, trying to understand the logic and magic of numbers. Once to him, long beat on another difficult task, appeared in a dream to the stranger, and was prompted by her decision.

It is interesting that on the same day, drew from memory a portrait of a stranger. But the most surprising that the researchers of the life and work of the poet many years later, found out this drawing.. John Napier, a Scottish Baron and mathematics, which was created in the early 17th century, a table of logarithms! And, by the way, it is impossible not to mention that Lermontov had Scottish roots: his ancestor was a Scottish mercenary George Learmonth, during the Russo-Polish war fought for our opponents, but in 1613 moved to the side of the Russian forces and adopted Russian citizenship, took the name Yuri.

But back to the astrology of dreams. Representatives of the fire signs — Aries, Leos and Sagittarians — even in my dreams are very ambitious. They often dream about how they are working with the great people of all times and peoples, to decide the fate of States, and even become well-known personalities. Unfortunately, not all of these dreams come true. But if you dream you see a fire or some other light source, it is possible that what he saw was true — in the near future or many years later.

Well, the earth signs—Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn — seldom dream strange dreams. Usually these people see in dreams approximately the same as in reality: home, work, daily activities, colleagues, friends and relatives. But we should not think that these dreams mean nothing—quite the contrary! In them you can find a lot of tips that will help you to avoid mistakes in everyday life, will teach you how to behave in a given situation, hint, you know who to trust, and who better to keep a distance. Dreams earth signs are sufficiently transparent, they are easy to treat — and so easy to use to your benefit.