Quickly to Wake up in the morning, it’s easy!

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 10:22

Quickly to Wake up in the morning, it’s easy!
We tried to collect the most valuable tips that will help you Wake up in the morning, even if it’s still dark outside.

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Don’t even think about to take a NAP

Sent the child to school and want to take a NAP for another half an hour? Forget this habit once and for all. You know how it ends. The whole day will feel sluggish and tired. The important thing is to come up with a clear morning routine and to the extent possible to comply with it.

Get up to an alarm clock

Not worth the long stretch, still trying to warm up a bit in bed. Rang the alarm? Pull yourself out of bed all the forces. To Wake myself up, wash with cool water (so, sometimes it is very difficult).

Go to bed and get up at the same time

This is actually the key to success. And it is important to do every day, even on weekends. Your body will get accustomed and adjusted to, but the first time will have to wait. But after three weeks or a month you will start to Wake up about 10 minutes before your alarm. Yourself!

Woke up? Drink water

You can even put a water bottle next to the bed and take a few SIPS immediately after waking up. The body loses during the night a lot of liquid, let it recover. And don’t get used to drink a lot of coffee. If you use it constantly, it loses its effectiveness and does not bring the effect of cheerfulness.

Well, if you can’t do without coffee, drink

And when you Wake up, think about how great can be another day, and as you may every day become better and better. And to think that in just a few minutes you will find a hot fragrant Cup of coffee!

Add to alarm clock reminders

Enter a short text that will remind you at 6:00 in the morning to get up right now, not 20 minutes or 30. You already took it all, and know how hard it then is to catch up with lost time. Therefore, write something like: “Trust me! It would be better.”

Prepare a delicious Breakfast

Morning – the time when you don’t have to stick to the diet, not get fat on the waist, because there is still a whole day. So prepare something delicious. What you love and what you definitely will rise up.

Prepare everything in the evening

First, the products from which you can easily prepare the most favorite Breakfast. Secondly the clothes are going to wear. Consider what else you may need in the morning to not waste time on searches.

Write lists

And that evening, quickly go to sleep, write down everything that is bothering you on paper or hang in a hallway whiteboard that you can record the important things and plans. Do not iterate endlessly in my head: “don’t forget to sign up to the doctor. Bring a jacket to the dry cleaners. Pay the electricity bill”. Just write a to-do list. It’s not tediousness, it really helps, especially when a lot of cases.

Do something nice

For some it’s a Cup of coffee for someone 5 minutes of meditation, yoga or 10 minute walk in the Park. Something that you enjoy doing, and when present is an action that makes you feel good.

Turn on the lights

As soon as awake, light the lamp, and maybe all the lights that are in the room. The light helps to Wake up your brain, and in the winter it is clearly not enough.

Give yourself time to Wake up

Not every man is able to stay in the morning in high spirits and immediately join. Do something meaningless while head gradually clear up and start to talk. Of course, bad opened his eyes immediately to climb in the social network, you can get carried away and everywhere late. But the truth is that many it helps to finally Wake up. If you belong to such people, do not forget to set the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you still have time to pack.

Before you go to sleep

Try to sleep before midnight. We assure you, you will feel the difference after a couple of days, and your body will say “thank you!”