Rayman 2: The test along with Corvo & Emily

Techno 15 November, 2016

dishonored-2-arkane-studios-bethesda-softworksDishonored 2 is it the worthy sequel masterpiece that was the first? Discover our test here.

Remember 2012 and failing to attend the end of the world, Dishonored first name had completely changed the gaming world with the birth of this license to the fascinating world. Critically acclaimed and most players, the game is timely in an industry that is struggling to renew and leaves only too often tasteless suites. After the good news to learn that we would be able to plunge into this world so special, is that Dishonored 2 you can find out the launch trailer here managed to avoid the pitfalls of following output only for commercial purposes ? Well yes it is said without hesitation, and it explains everything here.

Take what belongs to you
We will start by saying that if you have not played the first game, start with Dishonored second name will be rather difficult! Indeed, the game continues 15 years after the end of the story sometimes not easy to follow . It starts with the return of Corvo and the arrival of Emily, her daughter, who is now a young woman full of resource. Just enough time to take the pulse of the game with an initiation phase, Delilah , one of the great evil of the first Rayman returns to pique your throne the ugly! You’ll understand that it will take the zigouiller (or not) to take back what belongs to you.

Two assassins for the price of one
As you already mentioned in our preview of Rayman 2 , it will choose early in the game that you want to control by choosing between the girl and her father, which will change significantly the overall story of the game. Of course, this is not the only new title. Indeed, it is also possible to choose to refuse the mark of the Outsider, which will allow you to play with no power … Be warned, it is better to know the play discreet! We advise you still do not miss out on this aspect rather important from the game and its universe, which brings us under the gameplay.

Level gameplay, Dishonored resumes its formula that made his success a few years ago and more recently with the final edition of Dishonored. You will choose to play either straight forward fashion (high chaos) or infiltration method (weak chaos), knowing that this affects the different possible endings to the game. Note that this chaos is more permissive than before, kill a single grunt of the guard no longer ruin your weak chaos and that’s good ! Only, we can still welcome the opportunity to play with two characters who have different powers and therefore offers opportunities entirely new. Note also that the level design, exhilarating already in the first game, becomes génialissime here, with the ability to go through a lot of byways. Ingenuity that had been noticed with mechanical Manor Jindosh whose pieces turn into some operating levers. Of course, this makes more fun to discover all these changes when one notices the peculiar artistic direction that will make us enjoy places and landscapes, so much that you find yourself sometimes stopping to watch the scenery Karnaca .

Dishonored 2 is also some missed opportunities
It is very rare for a game to be perfect! While Dishonored 2 approximates somewhat of perfection, still we note some areas for improvement in the hope of one day seeing a 3 Dishonored happen! We think in particular the fact that in Dishonored 1, it ended almost at the demigod status in recent assignment using the powers of Corvo galore! Here it seems that the Outsider was rather stingy in rune, we would have the ability to test more power, but it will make many choices, even recovering all runes. Then, the story lacks an aspect a bit more catchy and worthy targets and allies a little more charismatic. Our biggest regret is still under-utilization of the clock of the Outsider that can make leaps in the past to change this . This is probably the best idea of the game or any of the license, but we take it that during the mission 7 and only for this mission! So agree it is double work in terms of level design, but still, it is a pity teaser so without push the idea further than that.

A single mission seriously?
In summary
Some things we regret the idea as primarily operated under the clock of the Outsider, but in terms of graphics, gameplay, level design and especially of artistic direction, we say that in 4 years Arkane has refined its as to leave nothing to chance. If the surprise is a little less strong than originally can without doubt say that Dishonored 2 is the worthy sequel to the first game that made us dream so much a few years back . When compared with some titles overused licenses currently still out, the question does not even arise, go and finally discover what a good play. Will you play Dishonored 2?