Read it and you will be able to palm read yourself!

Techno 21 December, 2017

2017-12-21 20:15

Read it and you will be able to palm read yourself!
Look at your own hands!,

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Look at your own hands!, reports Rus.Media.

What you see in them? Really just incomprehensible wrinkles and lines? No!

This is a map of your own life in which encoded all your fate.

And to understand their own future, this card just need to be able to read.

The old Gypsy read his fortune, but after reading this article, you will be able to do it not worse!

For a start, look carefully hand, which for you is the main.

Right-handers is the right hand, and left handed, respectively, left.

Look at dominant hand carefully and find 4 main lines: fate, heart, mind and life.

First, look to the heart line.

It is read from the outer edge of the palm to the inside, symbolizing the beginning of a journey and your life.

-Heart line starts from the outer edge and ends under the index finger– the personal life of you just is, as they say, on top.

When the heart line ends under middle finger it gives selfishness in personal Affairs, that is, in love you do everything for yourself.

-Heart line ends on the middle and ring fingers – a sign of strong amorousness.

-Heart line is rounded in the direction of the index finger touching in a personal relationship for you to play an important role.

A-line heart lies right under the fingers – a sure signal of a passionate nature, but also enormous jealousy.

-The heart line runs parallel to the line of the mind – your mind dominates the heart, and not allow feelings to take precedence in decision-making.

A-line short and straight – a sign of lack of character such traits as romanticism.

-Long line – people tend to hide their true feelings.

-Heart line crosses life line – there is a risk to be with a broken heart.

-Heart line has breaks, you have had to experience serious cardiac suffering that are of a personal nature.

-Heart line is wavy or curly – your life will be filled with light and short-lived affair.

-Heart line is dotted with many small touches that cross – a sign of infidelity, and the more strokes, the more propensity for cheating.

Let’s analyze the line of mind, which is read from the inner side of the palm to the outside, and there is a line of sight below the line heart.

A-line short mind and physical job you like much more than mental work.

Line of mind comes in zigzags or waves to you, it is easy to lose focus, distracted by unimportant things.

A long line ran through the whole hand – logic for you the basis of life, you like to analyze the events and think what happened fully.

-The Iine intersects with the life line – you never sit on one place and always looking for new experiences.

-The line is completed down – you are very creative and very gullible.

On the line the mind can see the breaks or curls you will experience an emotional crisis (or has it already experienced).

-The line of mind seen clear the intersection of small strokes, especially similar to TIC – that’s the point of those decisions that will meet you on the future way of life.

Begin to study the life line.

The life line is deep and long, clearly view the entire length – you do not lose the opportunity to take everything from life.

Life line short and poorly visible, the ambition is not your trait.

Line is straight or almost straight in contact with a strange new people you are very careful.

Life line has a distinctive curve – you have indomitable will-power, which is enviable.

Life line is interrupted – be prepared for sudden changes in the usual lifestyle.

On the line marked circles or swirls – these labels leave wounds, serious injuries and hospitalization.

Life line is constantly doubling or even two such lines is a sign of unrestrained vitality and internal energy.

We examine the line of destiny.

It reads from bottom to top in the direction from the wrist.

Line of fate straight up and clearly visible – the main thing in this life for you career and work.

The line can be seen slightly in their profession or job you are unhappy.

The line of destiny like the branches at the base of the line of life is a sign of inner strength, charisma, leadership qualities, self-realization and the ability to lead the younger generation.

From the line of fate leaves a lot of branches or small touches – you often had to change jobs.

Line of fate starts from the base of the thumb, and then crossing the line of life – support of the family you have extremely strong family business these people goes on “hurrah”.

Life line and fate line intersect approximately in the middle – be ready to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of someone else, if you have not already done so.

It is written above can be taken seriously, and can be perceived as simple entertainment – a private affair of each person.

You have the main thing – information.

How then to dispose of it decide for yourself…or peeped at the lines of fate!