Resident Evil 7: A portage on Nintendo Switch?

Techno 23 January, 2017

Will we see a PS4, Xbox One and PC title portage on the new console from Nintendo? Masachika Kawata, producer of the game, and Koshi Nakanishi, Game Director, answer the question.
Will there be a port of Resident Evil 7, the details of the Season Pass were unveiled last week, arriving on the Nintendo Switch? A question that many fans are asking, since we had seen land in 2005 Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube and Wii in 2007 , only Nintendo consoles have had the privilege of leaving the game from Capcom (the app was focused on PS2 later) … and that have a question our colleagues in the British site Express to two important personalities who have worked on this album, Masachika Kawata and Koshi Nakanishi . The first is the producer of the game, while the second has directed its design.
Unlike Resident Evil 4 who had a look at Nintendo, there is little chance of seeing Resident Evil 7 on Switch.
And the answer will not please the players Nintendo , since the two Japanese friends said there was little chance of a port . ” I think this is a truly unique hardware ” began Mr. Kawata. And his friend, Mr. Nakashimi, continued: ” I expect to see the possibilities of the system, but we have no plans on the comet currently about Resident Evil Switch on .” Even if it looks bad, hope springs eternal, and then on a misunderstanding … There are several days, writing you spoke of Resident Evil 7 as the most difficult game of the franchise. A portage on Nintendo Switch would be a good or a bad idea?