Resident Evil 7: The difficulty of the game will adapt to the performances of the gamer

Techno 19 December, 2016

The Capcom developers unveiled in an interview for PlayStation Magazine that the difficulty of the game will adapt to the players and its performances.
A game whose difficulty is flexible … Now this is one of the nice surprises we reserve Resident Evil 7, two teasers that well fuck the willies were unveiled several weeks ago . And it is through an interview with our British colleagues of PlayStation Magazine that the Executive Director of Capcom, Jun Takeuchi, made the statement . In this interview, he explains specifically that the game difficulty will tune in our performances to offer some challenges heartfelt . A game that will not be pie, but that should lift its difficulty if one stumbles on a sequence. Convenient for casual gamers ” . Let you play a section of the game and you die because you do not react in time Well if you die a few times during this stage the game will adapt slightly and lower the difficulty to give you the opportunity to move forward , “said Jun Takeuchi has.

The modular difficulty, Capcom’s latest brilliant find
And continuing: ” We prefer to make easier the process of going back again in the game after death, rather than limiting the possibility of dying, because making the game too easy we would come out of the horrific experience .” A real interest in Capcom and wants to respect the tradition it has established with Resident Evil, namely the difficulty of the game to own a horror gaming experience . A feature that some players may have noticed by testing the first demo, although this is not necessarily obvious, as this one is only a phase of exploration. Otherwise, it will simply wait until the game’s release, scheduled for 24 January . There are several days, writing you spoke of Resident Evil 7 and the last demo in VR. What do you think of this feature?