Resident Evil 7: The Test

Techno 25 January, 2017

The Resident Evil again arrived. And he did not come alone. He disembarks with the family. The goal ? Redo the blazon of a saga tarnished by episodes too far from expectations. The way ? An invitation in an intense nightmare in the first person and in virtual reality … Push the door …
Resident Evil. The name alone is enough to remind some of the harsh but crazy hours of episodes 1, 2, Code Veronica or 4. Visceral fear that settles in the hollow of the belly. The gasping breath of lack of ammunition. A window that breaks, prehensile arms that spring from it. Twisted camera angles. Doors that slowly open. The raucous and throbbing breath of a zombie. The carnage of decors destroyed oozing, hope and comfort around an unhappy green grass. Resident Evil and its trail of riddles, his bestiary and its shimmering puffy scenario with hints of nanar assumed, in which empties as the hero Walking Dead in the guts walkers, sticky and syrupy. Resident Evil and its slow, oppressive atmosphere. Resident Evil.
For others, Resident is an old-fashioned action game that rides the wave of zombie and cyber-espionage in viral apocalypse mode. Overbid vain and uninspired, repulsive marshmallow, who disguises his heroes on the altar of the rocket launcher and cut cut. Rail shooter missing the canonical episodes soulless, Resident Evil has drawn the ire of the players . But for those who remember, for those who will have the curiosity to try it, pushed by a nostalgic big brother; For those who still doubt first returns and demos in chaos, this test is for you. Resident Evil is indeed back, and he invites his family . Explanations.