Resident Evil 7: What is the best script of the saga?

Techno 24 January, 2017

At the dawn of the arrival of Resident Evil 7 on consoles, we wondered: what Resident Evil could offer the best plot of the whole series? In the meantime …
As of today, the seventh installment of the series Resident Evil will make its arrival on PS4, PC and Xbox One. If we still raises the question of whether Resident Evil will have a port for Switch , we can say that this event is great news for all fans, especially since the first returns on this new batch are rather promising. But before turning to the future, let’s take a look back on the series, and what it has produced the best until then. If recent episodes now, the saga seems to have lost in an Action / Survival style somewhat extravagant, leaving little room for scenarios worked, she was able in the past to provide true narration of jewelry . So, which are the best opus of the series in terms of narration? Which will have allowed Resident Evil to obtain the prestige that seems since lost?
We believe the prize for best Resident Evil in terms of scenario is played between Resident Evil 2 and 4 . Released in 1998 on PS1, Resident Evil 2 features notably Leon Kennedy, a police recruit who arrives at his new city of work (Raccoon City), and who will directly face many zombies face to face. He quickly meets Claire Redfield, a civilian, and both will try to understand what happened in the city. Without spoiler, the scenario is very pleasant, has a lot of surprises to discover and charismatic characters (despite the period pixels) . The other title, Resident Evil 4, is one of the most controversial of the series among the fans, in particular because the style of play had somewhat distant from what was done previously. The story features again Leon Kennedy, 6 years after the events of episode 2. He is sent to Spain to save the daughter of the president of the US, held hostage by a strange sect. Besides the very dark aspect of this episode, it offers a real scenario to moult twists throughout the plot . This is in our opinion the best of the saga, and besides the public is not mistaken, since it is also the most sold! Now the question is if Resident Evil 7 will manage to do better! While waiting to learn more, we invite you to discover here the details of the season pass for 7 Resident Evil! Which is the best scenario of the saga according to you?