Reviews poor spend on these things all the money

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 20:07

Reviews poor spend on these things all the money
Rich people do not make such hasty purchases. Financial stratification of the society was and always will be. This is because many people do not know how to handle money, so always suffer from their lack.

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The previous President of Uruguay Jose Mujica once said phrase that you want to take it a rule of life: “When I buy something or when you buy something, because we don’t pay money. We pay those time of our life that has been forced to spend to earn this money.”

They say that money is like the expense and good treatment. That’s what the rich people never forget, can not be said about the poor. After all, the more insolvent person has money, the more he spends. The lack of moderation in spending is the worst mistake. But there are purchases that never make rich. About these things will tell you the edition of “So easy!”. And you don’t waste money on it!

Saving money

Gift to children

If you look at the rich world, that their children are not spoiled and not particularly stand out from the crowd of peers. Of course, we do not consider people from criminal and dashing 90-x who spends money right and left. People have created their wealth, teach your child to handle money, namely, learn to earn.

Want a new bike or gadget, you earn it. It is clear that they will add the missing amount. But thanks to the work and time spent on the earnings the child will appreciate the purchase, and in the future will learn to earn. And will not die from depression and complain, what a horrible adult life.


For successful business people value quality, speed and convenience, not brand. So, they buy expensive equipment, but not chasing the trend. They won’t buy the latest version of the popular phone, if some function does not suit them. But the poor are maintained by advertising, restrict other needs, take something on credit, paying at the same time. To be like everyone else, so to speak.

Expensive restaurant

Of course, the rich go to good restaurants. But it’s either a business meeting or celebrate a great date. Or visit them through the organization in the interests of business. They understand that it is better to hire a home chef who will delight with delicious and tasty food than to pay a tidy sum for a small portion of what get-togethers with a friend.

And among the people of the poor or just broke out of this state of courage and a show in the first place. If the party then entertained everyone, if the meeting with classmates — you have to order something expensive and obscure.


Fashion is very changeable, so do not buy a bunch of dresses and shoes, if your job is not related to social life and show business. Look at the world billionaires — they go in jeans and sweaters, and not in costumes of famous fashion designers. You clearly understand what and where to wear, and even more if wallet is so empty. The same applies to decorations.

Big house

Many poor people think that it is necessary to start to build the house to where the children live. And here starts a large building, and sometimes does not stop before time, when the children have families. And not the fact that the child will want in the future to live in this house. Money spent a lot of time and effort too. In the end, we still have a lot of things to do, all the time hurting themselves in other things.

Also not very rational to move into the big house with low income. After all, the maintenance will take away almost all the money. Better to live in more affordable housing, and money to invest in business and education for the children that will give them the opportunity to buy a dream house, not to wallow in debt.

Yes, a lot of controversial issues. Everyone has the right to choose. But remember, your choice today will depend on your tomorrow. I advise you to read on this subject the book “Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to understand why some people are poor while others such problems do not know.