Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, Galaxy S8 +: These promotions do not really miss!

Techno 12 July, 2017

A merchant site now offers very nice promotions on the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 and Galaxy S8 +. If you want to offer a new smartphone, this is the time or never!

PriceMinister regale today. While the Galaxy J5 2017 has just passed in my hands, the site of e-commerce has attacked the 2016 version of this smartphone. Sold around 180 euros on the web, the Korean phone is available at only 156.75 €, by HERE. And if you’re a member of the PriceClub, you’ll even get 35.5 euros refunded. But that’s not all. The Samsung Galaxy S8 + also benefits from a very nice discount, and meltyStyle tells you more about this exciting offer now.

Marketed about 709 euros on the e-commerce sites, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + goes under the bar of 670 euros at PriceMinister. The smartphone is offered by ICI to 662 euros with 35.5 euros refunded in superpoints. The performance of this smartphone, its autonomy and its screen Infinity are all good reasons to draw your CB as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Galaxy S8 64GB version is available at 570 euros at the same merchant. So you understood. It’s time to shop!