Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A change of design to avoid criticism

Techno 11 July, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not fully resume the design of the Galaxy S8. The South Korean brand will slightly modify it to avoid criticism.

The first leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaves no room for doubt. Thus, the phablette of the South Korean manufacturer should look very similar to that of the Galaxy S8. And this is not surprising. The design of the smartphone is perhaps the most successful market, and has secured a monster commercial success. The Infinite screen, the glass back or the home button should all have their place within the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Will this be the same as his little brother? No, some changes are noteworthy, such as the presence of a dual photo sensor. The South Korean will also make a slight change to avoid, once again, criticism.

During the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8, many have criticized the positioning of its fingerprint sensor. When it came out, that feeling was confirmed. When you want to unlock your smartphone, you often put your finger on the camera. Not top! Samsung therefore decided to take the problem to the arm. So, the TouchID button of the Galaxy Note 8 should be further away from the double photo sensor of the phone, as confirmed by this new shot. Good news, but we would have liked the manufacturer to go further. Why not have as Huawei and place the fingerprint scanner in the middle of the back of the smartphone?