Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A concept unveils itself from known rumors (Video)

Techno 11 July, 2017

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could unveil itself in a month, a new video concept has just appeared on the web. The latter puts forward a realistic phablette.

Samsung should have resumed work on the Galaxy Note range. It must be said that this last has experienced disappointments with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of which a limited edition for the fans should still see the light. To catch up, the firm put big on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 whose latest rumors have allowed to create a video concept rather interesting. Interesting because the latter is not really fantasized, as often, but presents rather realistic characteristics. A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is really attractive that could get closer to reality.

We discover a philette at the really impressive size with a screen as Samsung knows so well. A screen covering a good part of the phone and curved way Samsung Galaxy S8. The dual photo sensor is also present since the latest rumors revealed the presence of these for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through photos. Obviously, the stylus is at the rendezvous: what would a phone of this range without this famous accessory indispensable? But needless to say more since you are left to savor this video that should easily come close to reality!