Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A new rendering unveils a huge screen border

Techno 21 July, 2017

We know it: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is much awaited by the fans. The XXL phablette should have an impressive design again unveiled through a leak. Attention, it’s surprising!

Several days ago, a leak unveiled the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While the phablette should be revealed in a month, fans were all enthusiastic to discover this shot. A new image just appeared on the canvas and claims to be the true design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. An image that totally denotes with the first unveiled since one discovers there an impressive phone with an enormous border, screen. What to destabilize the fans slightly while making them eager to discover the phablette made in Samsung!

On this leak we can see a very fine lower border, while the upper one is much more prominent. Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be officially presented at the end of August, look like this picture? Only the future will tell us. But as usual, it will be necessary to be careful with this leak
Which may possibly be fake (like many of them). With this new model, Samsung will have a heavy task: to make to forget the fiasco of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And given the latest rumors and the wait around his successor, we can easily trust the firm.