Samsung Galaxy Note FE: We know the number of models that will be in circulation

Techno 13 July, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is now official! This reissue of the Galaxy Note 7 should please the fans … if it happen to catch one! For the phablette will be in limited edition.

A little more than a year ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a beautiful mishap. The smartphone was the victim of unannounced blazes that made its use … dangerous. Immediately, Samsung decided to remove its phablette from the markets to propose a safe version of the latter. Unfortunately, the concern was repeated again, forcing Samsung to give up the phone. But today the manufacturer has decided to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, which could also be sold in France, in a version this time functional of the defunct phone that caught fire!

The real question remains: how many lucky will be able to benefit from this edition intended for fans of Samsung? At the moment, the figure of 400,000 copies for South Korea was given. The Korean press welcomes the quality of the product as Pocketnow. It is a safe bet that the worry about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is only a distant memory and that the firm put the package in a year to correct it. A good way to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a first photo reveals its dual sensor, which could prove an excellent successor to the Galaxy Note 7!