Samsung Galaxy S8: Bixby is (finally) available in the USA … But it is not so revolutionary!

Techno 21 July, 2017

Bixby finally unveils on American smartphones … Better late than never! But Google’s assistant does not seem to live up to expectations. We’ll explain why.

The Americans were getting impatient … Bixby was slow to translate into English, because of the “difficulty” of the language, pointed by the South Koreans. But the wait has been too long and it is not so revolutionary. In theory, Samsung’s voice assistant would allow you to optimize your time by taking control of your apps thanks to the sound of your voice. In practice, it is something else. Announced as the tech of the future by Samsung, Bixby rather gives the impression of making a good back as highlighted The Verge. Shocked and disappointed.

Ask for the time it takes, lower the brightness of your screen … Everything had to be within reach of hands. But … the system seems a slow, approximate and capricious strand. As you can see in the video of The Verge, Bixby does not respond right away, and instead of sending a text message to your mum, he starts a Google search “texto”, “mum” … Epic Fail. And even if you choose not to use Bixby, the button reserved exclusively on the device can make you baffle and activate it by accident. A bit like Siri on the iPhone … Especially that Samsung does not seem to want you to get rid of his assistant. Finally, for the moment, Bixby is still not translated into French. You were waiting for him?