Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +: This offer allows you to benefit from 100 euros extra discount!

Techno 21 July, 2017

Want to shoot the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 +? Good news, by coming to withdraw your product in store and bringing back your old smartphone, you can benefit from 100 euros discount.

Earlier in the week, meltyStyle confided to you that the Galaxy S7 was on sale. You could shopper it for less than 400 euros, with a waterproof backpack as a bonus. But if it is one of the last flagships of Samsung that you dream of owning, then we have another offer to make you share … It starts today on the site of Darty, and allows you to shopper them to reduced price. Originally marketed at 809 euros, the Galaxy S8 is displayed at 709 euros at the dealer … But by fetching it in a Click & Collect point and bringing back your old smartphone, you can benefit from 100 euros extra discount. The same for the Galaxy S8 +, whose starting price is 909 euros, and which comes to 709 euros following the same approach.

To shoot the Galaxy S8 and S8 + at 609 euros and 709 euros, it’s very simple … You just have to buy whatever you want on Darty’s site, and come to pick it up in store accompanied by your old smartphone . Admit it’s worth it! Samsung’s flagships are very popular since they came out. They have an Infinity Display with QHD Super AMOLED display, but also a quality image and power that are among the best on the market. No wonder their sales are 15% higher than their predecessors. At meltyStyle we had the opportunity to test them, and we advise you to go.