Samsung will compete with Google Home and HomePod by designing a smart assistant!

Techno 11 July, 2017

Samsung wants to launch into the connected speaker market by designing its own smart assistant, like its consorts, Google, Apple and Amazon … But its release is not for tomorrow.

There are more and more intelligent assistants on the market. And Samsung is in full design of its own connected speaker that will most likely compete with Google Home, whose French release is imminent, HomePod and Amazon Echo. For the time being, the project is codenamed “Vega” and has been developing for a short time. Unfortunately, its release is not planned for now … The main reason for this delay: the language barrier. As we have seen, Samsung is definitely not very gifted with the language of Shakespeare, judging it “too difficult”. Coding, data, syntax, language nuances … If the English version is still not operational, for the VF, you can always run.

Eh yes ! The English version of Bixby has been delayed because the Korean firm has not been able to meet its translation deadlines. But the stone is not to be thrown only on the Koreans; US developers are also struggling to communicate with their colleagues in South Korea. If they do not understand one another, it will be difficult to arrive at a final result. Time is running out for the Korean giant, who is under pressure. Today, Amazon holds 70% of the American market and Google, 23% … With a late entry on the market, it is doubtful that the assistant of Samsung can be placed to the elbow with Alexa … Especially when l It is known that after Apple, Microsoft is also there. Samsung will have to pass the fifth. What do you think ?