Scientists disagree with Hawking about turning the Earth into Venus

Techno 14 December, 2017

2017-07-11 08:39

Scientists disagree with Hawking about turning the Earth into Venus
World-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking on the weekend last week said that all mankind urgently need to leave the Earth, and the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate change entails irreversible consequences.

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According to Hawking, we’re already pretty close to the so-called point of “no return”, at which the onset of global warming is already inevitable. And the current Board President Donald trump may be the reason that the Earth will cross this “barrier”, after which it will suffer the fate of Venus with a continuous acid rainfall and prevailing temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.
However, Gareth Jones is a British climatologist Meteorological centre and other specialists answered “predictions” Hawking does not consent. To date, no serious scientist in the world will not be able to provide compelling evidence that anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases can trigger the transformation of the Earth into Venus. Jones noted that even if all the hydrocarbons on the planet will be burned, the temperature rise is expected around 10 degrees Celsius. And a self-sustaining greenhouse effect can be formed only with an increase in temperature of hundreds of degrees.
Zek Hausfater (Zeke Hausfather) is an American climatologist from the University of California at Berkeley, was also in solidarity with British scientists ridiculed the statement of the famous astrophysicist, and calling such “statements” symptoms of the disease under the title “Nobel laureate”.
And according to Michael Mann (Michael Mann) is an American climatologist from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Earth and quite far away from the Sun, so the emergence of a powerful greenhouse effect, similar to what “reigns” on Venus, impossible.
Interestingly, all scientists unequivocally agree with Hawking that the onset of global warming in the future is absolutely real. And with the release of the Paris agreement on climate United States and other countries, the mark 1.5-2 degrees Celsius, mankind will not hold. Of course, to turn the Earth into a giant greenhouse it will not, but ecosystems are undergoing large-scale restructuring, the sea level will rise by several metres, and abnormal weather phenomena will cause a sharp increase in mortality.