Scientists found the dependence of the success of the child from the age of the father

Techno 21 October, 2017

2017-10-21 16:23

Scientists found the dependence of the success of the child from the age of the father
At the same time, the researchers found who are better adapted to survival.

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Scientists from U.S. and Britain held a brainstorming session on the topic “What qualities and skills help to be successful in modern society”, reports Rus.Media. The result in itself was interesting. It turned out that the most adaptable to survival were the geeks. They have a higher IQ, although a smaller number of social ties and the ability to publicity.

The study was carried out in 8 thousand pairs of twins (a hack from a sociologist: error research is reduced by 4 times, if we consider the twins as one entity). On the one hand, evaluated achievement in education, nonverbal IQ, and engagement in Hobbies. On the other — the number of friends and publicity. So came the “geek index”.

The difference is significant:

– children whose father was over 50 at the time of their birth, 32% more likely to get a’s than those in which the father was not yet 25. In addition, scientists have found a link between the “geek index” parent and child: 57% of cases they coincide. This study correlates well with other, trying to find the probability of having an autistic child.

Autism is a genetic thing. It would follow that an absolute geek is just autistic. It also explains why geeks are boys, but almost never girls. Boys are born with autism 5 times more.

Statistically, adult children are more likely to be successful. Earlier it was suggested that the matter of social position, life experience and more time on education. Now we can talk about that without genetics there has not been.