Scientists have created “miracle glass”, turns water into wine

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-11-06 13:06

Scientists have created “miracle glass”, turns water into wine
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Six scientists from Singapore National University have created a “miracle glass” Vocktail that can fool the human receptors and to reproduce the desired taste and smell of the drink, thus turning simple water into wine or lemonade, reports Rus.Media.

The inventors equipped the wall “miracle-Cup” special electrodes that use mcreal convey linguistic buds necessary to taste. Depending on the desires of the owner Vocktail can “make” the water is salty, bitter or sweet. For the sense of smell meets the tube that delivers the necessary smell into the glass, forcing him to remember the flavor of the beverage.

In addition, in the bottom of the glass Vocktail integrated LEDs, illuminating the water required for the desired beverage flavor.

Scientists have successfully created “virtual lemonade”, which taste sensations are not different from the present. The developers have stated that the “miracle glass” will not only help in the development of digital lifestyle and nutrition, replacing “harmful” drinks water with desired taste qualities.