Scientists have deciphered the importance of the five most common nightmares

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 16:28

Scientists have deciphered the importance of the five most common nightmares
British psychologist Ian Wallace (Ian Wallace) told about what signal night vision, the memories of which usually bother us in the daytime.

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While 95% of dreams fade from memory even before we got out of bed, 5% of them “stick” to us until the end of the day, and can significantly spoil the mood. According to the survey, 50% of dreams 2000 people in the UK are nightmares, which are caused by constant stress and fatigue. The most common and unpleasant of them – is tooth loss, persecution and the inability of the time to find the restroom. But psychologists claim that no matter how horrific pictures you see at night, they may mean that in real life you have many opportunities for self-realization, reports Rus.Media.

Dr. Wallace decodes the five most common nightmares of the British:


If you dream that you are being stalked it means that in your life there is some unresolved issue, and you don’t know how to approach him. Think of what it could be: perhaps you have untapped talents that need to pay attention.

Tooth loss

Dreams in which you lose teeth, indicates that in reality “falls” your self-confidence. Instead of a day to remember unpleasant details night vision, try to understand what exactly makes you doubt yourself.

The inability to find the bathroom

When you dream you can not find the toilet, it says that you put the interests of others above their own and, therefore, may not satisfy personal needs – such behavior, according to psychologist, you also need to be revised.


Dreams in which you find yourself without clothes in public, talking about what in your life is something that makes you feel vulnerable. Tip: try to be open to people and show them your hidden talents, and you will feel protected.

Failure on the exam

If you dream you come to the exam unprepared means that you are too critical to their own performance. Wallace advises not to engage in self-flagellation, and to pay more attention to the achievements and successes and more often praise yourself.

Despite the fact that these dreams clearly do not bring pleasure, they are the most “useful”, as you can tell the person about the hidden psychological problems and help find solutions to them. “It may seem easier to avoid the terrible dreams, – the expert speaks, – but actually they need to analyze”. And in order to establish sleep mode, he advises to organize the place, to avoid peredani evening, limit alcohol and coffee and take the gadgets away from the bed.