Scientists have discovered how the music sounds alien

Techno 15 March, 2018

2018-03-15 08:54

Scientists have discovered how the music sounds alien
A group of scientists under the guidance of the researcher Vincent Cheung has conducted an innovative experiment.

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The aim of the study was the reaction of the human brain on the music of intergalactic aliens. Also in the process of work was written sound track, which would like to extraterrestrial civilizations, reports Rus.Media.

A basis for the work are the most important language area of the human brain, namely the field of “Brock.” The music track in this case was based on the work of the investigated area of the brain while speaking or listening.

According to Dr. Cheung, alien beings can create music hits according to the principle of earthly technology. Scientists have tried to combine the wave is more understandable to extraterrestrial life. But after processing the received data, musicians and experts came to the conclusion that instead of the hit intergalactic space will only hear a set of strange life for the wheezing.