Scientists have documented another powerful solar flare

Techno 19 January, 2018

2018-01-19 12:18

Scientists have documented another powerful solar flare
What and whom it threatens.

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Scientists have recorded another strong solar flare, energy release, which is sent towards the Earth such magnetic storm.

As reported by the Rus.Media, wave the magnetic storm will be felt on Friday, January 19.

According to the doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Vsevolod Lozitsky, similar outbreak, which intensified in September 2017, destroying the tranquil mode of life, create discomfort and lead to social upheavals.

The impact of processes on the surface of the Sun, scientists will watch in the next few days.

In turn, the practitioner said that some of her patients constantly feels the changes in the geomagnetic field in advance – people complain of weakness, confusion, anxiety, irritability, headache and heartache and pressure surges. In the coming days, the physician advised him to drink more fluids and to protect themselves from dangerous products.

As far as we know, the storm will last three days, however, scientists have noted that too Ukrainians to worry about it not worth it. According to them, our star is now at the minimum of its 11-year cycle, so the next three years, no explosions, and no really dangerous storms are expected.