Scientists have explained why women are attracted to busy men

Techno 4 February, 2018

2018-02-04 10:35

Scientists have explained why women are attracted to busy men
Research staff from the universities of Durham, St Andrews and Exeter have managed to prove that men become more attractive to women, if they are supportive of other women

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Relevant material published in the journal Scientific Reports, reports Rus.Media.

An experiment was conducted where participants were 49 women. They showed images of hands, faces, and pictures of works of art. Before reporting the average results the researchers asked women to evaluate the attractiveness of each of what they had seen pictures.

The opinion of survey participants have changed after experts sounded the final result. Scientists believe that women, giving preference, of the same opinion, as their mothers and girlfriends. It is assumed that this may be related to the trend, according to which people are influenced by other people’s opinions.

Accordingly, scientists believe that women are influenced by other people’s opinions and therefore become more attractive those men who already has a partner.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Oklahoma found that 90% of women prefer men already engaged.