Scientists have found whom to talk about sex with Siri or Google assistant

Techno 22 December, 2017

2017-12-22 12:51

Scientists have found whom to talk about sex with Siri or Google assistant
Deep intensive study, which will finally introduce artificial intelligence to your love life.

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Years go by, but the sex, alas, remains for humanity’s option is not only exciting, but also mysterious. If we are to find a soulmate who is ready to share with you is a time-consuming activity, it is not easy to find willing and able to answer numerous “Why? How? Where?” — it is a bad time. Not the doctor to go with this, really?! The desperate cling to the feet of technological progress and seek the advice of the Internet, and the most advanced and risky go for advice to artificial intelligence.

But — paradox! — there is a new dilemma: who to trust in this complicated issue? And here on the scene the scientists of new Zealand University of Otago. They have vowed to die, but to learn how to cope with questions about sex by two popular Western virtual assistant — Apple-assistant Siri and Google assistant.

Questions to test guys didn’t get their vanity goals, and with database queries in the responsibility of sexual health on the website of the British National health service that most concern users.

Although neither assistant did not answer all the questions without a hitch, the researchers were generally very impressed with the ingenuity and quality of the responses. However, Siri did not understand (or pretended not to understand) some of the words, and sometimes withdrew into himself and let the issue pass. Google Assistant drew responses from more reputable sources and in General have handled it better.