Scientists have identified what happens to a person after death and the precise weight of the soul

Techno 11 December, 2017

2017-11-08 21:51

Scientists have identified what happens to a person after death and the precise weight of the soul
Throughout human history every wondered about what happens after death. What awaits us after our heart stops? This is a question that scientists have recently received a reply.

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Of course, the assumption has always been, but now it became clear that people after death can hear and understand what is happening around them. Of course, with the paranormal that has nothing to do, because people, in fact, lives for some time. It has become medical fact.

The heart and brain

It is important to understand that any death occurs when one of the two or in the presence of two conditions: either the heart stops functioning, or brain. If stops working, the brain as a result Skripnik damage, but death occurs immediately after shutdown of the Central nervous system. If life is interrupted because of damage in consequence of which stops the heart – is increasingly difficult.

At new York University, the experts-scientists have determined that man after death can feel the smells, hear the words and even see the world through their eyes. This explains many phenomenon associated with the vision of the world during clinical death. Incredibly there were many cases in the history of medicine, when people talked about their feelings during their stay in this border state between life and death. After death is the same, the researchers say.

The heart and brain – it’s two people who work in a lifetime. They are connected, but the feeling is available after the death of the brain is the reason that some time transmits information from nerve endings to the mind.

The opinion of psychics

Specialists in bioenergetics and psychics, long ago began to assume that people do not die instantly as the brain or heart stopped working. No, it’s much more difficult. This confirmed by scientific research.

The world beyond, according to psychics, depends on the world, present and visible. When a person dies, they say she sees all his past life and current life all at once. She’s worried all over again for the infinitesimal fraction of a second, turning into nothing and then reborn again.

Of course, if people could die and immediately come back, the question would not be, however, even experts in the field of esoterics can’t 100% be confident in their statements.

The person feels no pain after death, does not feel joy or grief. She just continues to live in the afterlife, or goes to another level. No one knows the soul goes to another body, the body of the animal or human. Maybe it just evaporates. Maybe she lives forever in a better place. No one knows why so many religions in the world. Everyone should listen to your heart, which tells him the right answer. The main thing is not to argue, because no one can know for sure what’s going on with the soul after death.

The soul as something physical

The human soul cannot be felt, but it is possible that its presence is a scientist, strangely enough, failed to prove. The fact that at death one loses for some reason 21 grams of its weight. Always. Under any circumstances.

No, this phenomenon could not explain. People believe that this is the weight of our soul. This may indicate that the person sees the world after death, as proved by scientists, because the brain does not die immediately. It does not matter, because the soul leaves the body, we remain unreasonable. Perhaps this is the reason why we can’t move eyes or speak after the heart stops.