Scientists have managed to grow a plant that glows in the dark

Techno 15 December, 2017

2017-12-15 18:19

Scientists have managed to grow a plant that glows in the dark
Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology USA decided to experiment with nature and created the plant-the bulb.

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Reported by the New York Post, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists were able to achieve such a result thanks to the enzyme that makes fireflies glow – luciferase. It “planted” cabbage, watercress and spinach.

In the early stages of study, the duration of illumination of the plants reached only about 45 minutes. Further, this process turned out to increase up to three hours.

The point is to create a plant that will work as a table lamp. That is such a bulb that does not need to connect to the network. The light will eat the energy metabolism of the plant,– said in the study published in NANO Letters.

It is noted that the light from the plants is so vibrant that it really can compete with the light from a table lamp. This effect is due to strong chemical reaction, which gives the salad. Its brightness can be compared with the brightness of the led.

Scientists hope that in the future such plants are used for lighting up entire rooms or even streets.