Scientists have named the 5 stages of relationship, through which each pair

Techno 13 December, 2017

2017-12-13 09:10

Scientists have named the 5 stages of relationship, through which each pair
And if you think that your relationship is the exception, you’re wrong. No offense.

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Popular Dating website decided to conduct a survey among 1,000 of its users to figure out what stage is each pair, or rather, each, which goes to the end, reports Rus.Media. We decided that to hide from you, such valuable information would be on our side in the crime.

Stage one: the spark

The stage at which you’re still not completely clear, and breathtaking. Researchers claim that only every fourth of the interviewed kiss with someone he liked on the first date, most wait till the first kiss for about three weeks. After the kiss comes the enjoyable phase.

Second stage: honeymoon

It is clear that you like each other, so that you can move on to something more than joint visits to art galleries and kisses. However, because the survey was conducted among users of the Dating site, it was found that men rather women remove your profile, making sure I met someone special. Women prefer to wait to make sure that the special — special, not ordinary.

Third stage: intimacy

Usually men first uttered the words “I love you” and do it in about three months after the beginning of the relationship. These words are a signal for the further development of Dating. So, the majority of respondents said that they begin to leave the toothbrush in the apartment of the partner or the partner four months after the start of the relationship.

Stage four: loyalty

Human nature, as not cool, not very well suited for a solitary existence. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that, according to the researchers, 45% of respondents do not mind to get married, start a shared Bank account or even a real live animal in a year after the first date.

Fifth stage: the gap

Unfortunately, while the modern neurotic pace of life, the breakup happen all the time. Especially popular separation to generation millenial appears to be through Dating sites that beckon flickering screen and promise new exciting meetings. 67% of respondents, the gap most often occurs within the first year of the relationship. Shortly after the appearance of the animal. And then the baby.