Scientists have named the “paradoxical” the core of the Earth

Techno 13 February, 2018

2018-02-13 06:03

Scientists have named the “paradoxical” the core of the Earth
The core of the Earth consists of more than one layer, where the inner part is made of solid metal and the outer of the molten iron.

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The structure of the nucleus could be formed in the first moments of life of the Earth 4.2 billion years ago. Physicists from the United States created a computer model that showed that in theory, such could not occur. In fact, the core would become solid or remain liquid. If initially, the core was homogeneous, then it could not form a solid internal parts, but experts do not know, at the same time as the core was heterogeneous almost instantly, reports Rus.Media.

As one of the hypotheses supports the version of formation of the piece of metal the size of a city, which aspired to the center of the nucleus, but it is not clear how it originated and why not disappeared after this. Physicists believe that geologists should find the answer to all your questions on the formation of the planet Earth.