Scientists have refuted the popular myth about smartphones

Techno 6 February, 2018

2018-02-06 11:10

Scientists have refuted the popular myth about smartphones
American scientists have confirmed that the creepy statements about smartphones, which often you can hear from mothers and grandmothers, in fact, is only a myth

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Scientists have refuted a link between the daily use of the phone and the emergence of a brain tumor after several experiments. The doctors explained that smartphones really are a daily source of radiation, but it is RF and does not pose a threat of occurrence of tumor in the brain, reports Rus.Media.

Notes. this myth originated after old experiment with rats, when animals over 2 years for 9 hours kept near enabled smartphones. At the end of studies males have found tumors around the heart and the status of females has not changed.

After that, none of the following experiment did not provide concrete evidence that phone radiation can cause tumors, but scientists are still studying this myth.

“Even with low daily use (phones) among adults, we did not observe the increase in the number of diseases, like brain tumors. Evidence of a link between cell phones and cancer is weak, and still we did not see much risk of cancer in people,” – said the chief doctor of the American ecotourist Otis Brawl.