Scientists named the best age for childbirth. Women, you will be surprised!

Techno 24 December, 2017

2017-12-24 22:58

Scientists named the best age for childbirth. Women, you will be surprised!
In order to give birth to a healthy baby, and most do not undermine health at birth, doctors recommend a woman to carefully approach the issue of family planning

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And an important role is played by age of the mother. Until recently in medicine, the term “late” refers to women who gave birth for the first time after 25 years! It was thought that the ideal age of the mother 20-27 years. But the latest discovery scientists disproved all these theories, reports Rus.Media.

What age is best to give birth, there is controversy. On the one hand, young mothers have better health, and their eggs have not yet managed to give so many harmful environmental influences, like the egg more Mature women. But on the other hand, every year women later marry, and increasingly focused on his own career, travel and carefree youth.

Contrary to popular belief that the best age for birth of first child is between 20 to 27 years, the discovery of Dr. John Mirovskaya from the University of Texas revealed that is the perfect age of 34. Here are a few arguments.

34 years old – the best age for a woman’s body to conceive and bear a healthy child. In addition, at a younger age in women often happen to various diseases and conditions that can complicate childbirth. In defense of this theory was made by the psychologists, whose research confirmed that women over 30 who usually are more serious and stable relationship with a partner, have a stable income and enough life experience to better educate your kid.

However, the doctors warn women that after 35 years increases the risk of complications and development of chronic diseases, including diseases of the reproductive system, so at this age, women should plan pregnancy under strict supervision of doctors.

No matter what age you are planning to start a family, remember that having a baby is a big decision that will change your life. Therefore, we should treat it with great seriousness.