Scientists named the easiest weight loss method

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 20:43

Scientists named the easiest weight loss method
Scientists tracked the lives of over a thousand people, whose average age is 33 and weight is 65 kilograms

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Their observations allowed to determine the easiest method of losing weight, reports Rus.Media.

American scientists of the Mayo clinic concluded that people who spend at least six hours on my feet, it is easier to lose weight than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

It turned out that in a standing position in people per minute are burned at 0.15 kilocalories more than those who sits. Thus, according to experts, in four years you can lose ten pounds of weight

The researchers also emphasized that leading a sedentary lifestyle often ends up obesity and diabetes and disruption of the cardiovascular system.

At the same time, experts noted that weight disappear faster due to diet, not exercise. The latter, according to Professor of sports medicine at the University of Texas Philip Stanford, require a lot of time and effort.