Scientists told about the benefits of sunbathing

Techno 14 January, 2018

2018-01-13 10:19

Scientists told about the benefits of sunbathing
Weight gain in the cold season can be an inevitable process, but sunlight will help you lose weight

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Scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada have discovered that fat cells located directly under the skin that are sensitive to blue light that radiates sunshine. During the winter, these fat cells are largely protected from sunlight, giving them an opportunity to grow and accumulate, but they shrink when in the warm months, exposed to sunlight, reports Rus.Media.

“When blue light waves, the light we see with our own eyes, penetrate our skin and reach the fat cells, they decrease in size, says Dr. Peter light. – We are talking about lipids, including cholesterol and triglycerides, the levels of which increase when we gain weight…”

Studies have shown that people on average gain of 2-3 kg over the winter. This is usually associated with the use of nutritious products to combat winter depression or during the Christmas holidays, and also with the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, but new data for the first time demonstrate that an equally important role in this process plays the sunlight.

Experts hope that their discovery could lead to the development of new drugs or light therapy for obesity, diabetes and other problems associated with excess weight.