Searches in the first two newspaper groups in the country

News 12 March, 2018
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    Monday, 12 march 2018 17:40

    Monday, 12 march 2018 17:40

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    The constable canadian competition was carried out on Monday searches in the two largest groups of national media, Torstar and Postmedia, in the framework of an investigation into a “conspiracy” alleged in the exchange of 41 local tracks last fall.

    John Pecman, Commissioner of competition Bureau, has confirmed in a press release the “searches made at the offices of Postmedia, Torstar and (its subsidiary) Metroland Toronto”.

    “The competition Bureau investigates alleged anti-competitive behaviour” and collects “now evidence to establish the facts surrounding this alleged plot is said”, said Mr. Pecman.

    Postmedia and Torstar had announced at the end of November the exchange of 41 titles of their small local newspapers, among which 34 were immediately closed, including the two free Metro Ottawa and Metro Winnipeg.

    The operation had not been accompanied by any monetary transaction, but the two groups had the charge to pay for layoffs of nearly 300 employees of the acquired shares.

    Postmedia is “strongly” convinced that the exchange of the securities of press “has not violated” the federal laws of canada, provided the canadian company in a press release.

    For its part, Torstar has not commented on the merits of the case, and has only indicated that it “cooperates fully with the Competition Bureau in its investigation,” according to a spokesperson interviewed by the AFP.

    At the end of November, Postmedia, owner of major newspapers as the National Post, the Vancouver Sun, or Ottawa Citizen, had given to Torstar 15 small daily or weekly local, as well as the two free 24 Hours Toronto and 24 Hours Vancouver.

    The group Torstar, publisher of the Toronto Star, largest circulation in Canada, had given back to Postmedia 22 small, local weekly whose distribution is concentrated on the south of the province of Ontario (centre).

    “For the moment, no conclusion has been drawn with respect to the alleged wrongdoing and no charges have been brought,” said the competition Bureau.