Secret age women

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 13:34

Secret age women
The age at which a woman no longer need men

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Every woman has a secret age when men become indifferent to her. In the sexual sense, at all. In some, it occurs closer to retirement, others in the area of menopause, and others, and does solve it to thirty. Is determined by the kind of woman who scored the men on time.

The main symptom – she’s a lady! With bad hair, tired eyes and deposits in the wrong places. Boring, grumpy, and with clipped wings. What happened to her? Entered into the age when men are not needed, surrendered under the weight of hurts and disappointments.

– And here the heart? – ask someone. Men – it’s mostly about other organ. You can safely use them without feeling any mental anguish. I might have agreed. But the woman heart is always with, right?

A couple of years ago in Vogue Cleopatra’s baths. Ostensibly, to maintain youthful Cleopatra used the sperm of young slaves. The girls tried, say is a lie. Not help. Not impressed, and the look is not lit. The sperm whale is also disappointing. Why? Because here all by heart. Woman rejuvenate and make more beautiful only injection into the heart. There is no place for simple sexual mechanics, although it is very important.

Have you ever noticed that a woman in love is good even at a distance? Even when he sees the beloved, and talks to him calls and SMS-kami. Sex in her mind, and prettier in reality? How so?

And all because love and passion are really ready to do us wonders. To rejuvenate, to make beautiful. But this happens only with those who in love believes. The rest will have to live out their lives with the aunts. And it’s not even the wrinkles, and the age-old dust of disappointment in his eyes.