Selena Gomez reveals the teaser of his series ” 13 Reasons Why “

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Are you constantly looking for new series to replace those that end? You can now add 13 Reasons why to your list. We warn you, you will have to take out the handkerchiefs, and you risk becoming addicted.
We wondered how we would survive (not mince words) at the end of Pretty Little Liars ? Well the answer may be found at Netflix with 13 Reasons why!

13 Reasons why is the adaptation of the novel and the eponymous bestseller by Jay Asher released in 2007. The story follows the fate of a young student a little shy Clay Jensen. His best friend, Hannah Baker, of whom he is secretly in love, is killing himself.

As a farewell letter, she sent the young man thirteen audiotapes . In each of them, she talks about a particular person, a friend or an enemy, who has counted in her life, but especially in her decision to put an end to it. This long post mortem message is a declaration of love and friendship. She explains why she decided to die but also why her friend must live her life 100%.

Selena Gomez producer

The series was produced by the singer and actress Selena Gomez , big fan of the novel. It will be a unique season of thirteen episodes directed by Tom McCarthy , Oscar winner for Spotlight in 2016. The cast, you will find Katherine Langford in the role of Hannah and Dylan Minnette in that of Clay. The actor of 20 years is known for his roles in Goosebumps, Prisoners, or for playing Michael Scofield child in Prison Break.

If you liked Nos Étoiles Contraires, 13 Reasons why should please you. On the menu, there will be love, sadness and an assertive point of view about the torments that teenagers experience. Simple seeming problems that can lead some to the worst. The series will be online in its entirety on March 31 on the platform.