Sensation!!! The human Soul is immortal!!! Life after death

Techno 20 December, 2017

2017-01-14 19:58

Sensation!!! The human Soul is immortal!!! Life after death
Until now, scientists argue about the presence or absence in the human Soul. Modern science is mostly silent…

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Scientists have made several experiments, which proved that the human Soul is immortal, reports, Ukrmedia.

What is the mission of our Soul in this world? What is the Soul? As she appeared?

Information about the first civilizations — the Lemurians, Atlantis, Aryans…

Awesome scientist experiments gariaev proves that the Soul contains wave code, which is written in the DNA molecules.

This is the Original Code of Destiny, and he lives exactly 40 days after death!!! In the Shower all the information with which she came into this world.

Cases of clinical death, what is behind that fence?

Negative fact, about Satan, about the nature of energy of darkness on Seth.

What happens to a person who refused from his Soul, forgot about it, does not comply with the main Universal Laws?

That man who does evil, and increases the darkness in this world? How are ancestral curses?


Until now, scientists argue about the presence or absence in the human Soul. Modern science is mostly silent…

But the ancient Egyptian texts, the Tibetan book of the ancient Greek manuscripts carry a lot of different stunning information about the Soul. The theme of Souls worries me a lot, she’s interesting and important a long time… literally since high school.

I remember I once talked to my dad about the soul and it was the first time I was told that the person in its true essence is immortal. Then I get this information very pleased. Interest in this topic, I have carried through my whole life. Probably many people is worried about it. No wonder that such enormous interest to the encrypted Voynich manuscript.

The scientists who study this document of antiquity sure that it is encoded information about the world and about the soul. Interesting…

I also get information about the Soul – this information comes to me out of thin air. In their webinars, trainings I will tell about it.

Now I just want to say something important- something that is fully supported by ancient books.

A few days ago I asked myself: can a soul die or is it eternal?

And night the answer came to me out of thin air.

The human body is just a vessel, a cocoon for the Soul. The soul is a bundle of energy, the essence of which is Love. There Is A Big Universal Plan – A Plan Of Love Energies. The essence of their Creation, of Creation. There is rule of Law, Unity. The aspiration to the Unity and Edification of the Abundance of the Universe. This Plan creates the Worlds of the Universe.

This energy is the essence of our Soul. But in man there is another form of energy – the energy of darkness. The darkness generated by the universal Plan of the Dark. The essence of the destruction, separation and death. And in man the Darkness represented the essence of the Energy of Darkness SET. The more in a person’s life negative, destructive moments of irritation, criticism, frustration, anger, aggression, the more it is the essence of the Energy of Darkness (Seth). SETH oppresses the Soul, entwining it with his dark and destructive impact on human life, his fate and his health. If man, in his energy spaces a lot of the Set, respectively, then a lot of evil in his life – and then the Soul of man becomes thinner. The more a person behaves as a consumer, destroyer, the more the person shows discontent, the ingratitude of the world, life, the sooner destroyed his Soul. And she can completely disappear. This phenomenon described even in the books of the ancient Greeks. It describes that the earth can come the era of the soulless creatures. Maybe we live among such biorobots? Soulless, evil, that poison the lives of their loved ones…

When such things happen, it is dangerous for the Universe because then the darkness could rush and destroy the Plan of Love. That this did not happen and there is Karma.

Karmic energy body – a kind of protective barrier which does not transmit the Essence of the energy of the Darkness into the higher Spiritual Plans love of the Universe.

Karma is the cosmic answer to the person who does not develop spiritually. After all, we came into this world with one purpose – to increase the luminosity of your Soul! People in which on the contrary expands the SET with universal Laws must be neutralized. And so comes into effect the Law of Karma.

Now you understand how important it is to learn to understand what your actions, thoughts, words can harm another person, the world, and for that you will get a Karmic response.


Not knowing is a human Universal laws, the primitive behavior is based on the principle of the struggle for existence entails a reduction of energy and rapid growth of the exercise. All the suffering, all the misery is a natural karmic response of the Universe. If your life is illness, failure, lack of money, bad relationships with loved ones (alienation, quarrels and so .n.) is the signs that SETH captures your energy and smothers your Soul. And it is important to understand:

What am I doing in my life?

Why I break Universal Laws?

Why is the luminosity of my Soul is fading?

People do not let your Soul light went out!

Wake up from sleep! Learn to live in accordance with the Laws of the Universe!

Get rid of the essence of the Energy of Darkness! Heal your Karma!

Every person comes into this world to be happy and healthy…

Man comes into this world, to create, to love, to have children…