Sex, honestly: what you should know about it in early adulthood

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 18:10

Sex, honestly: what you should know about it in early adulthood
Despite the fact that sex clearance every year gets better, sometimes the simple situation baffled inexperienced young girls (and older, more experienced too). Here is a set of basic rules, which should adhere to the intima.

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1. Not to have sex before 25 — normal

And if someone says it’s wrong or defective just because of the fact that you didn’t sleep with all right and left still at school get rid of such people. Let them amuse their memories, before you go further, reports Rus.Media.

2. Don’t wear uncomfortable underwear

It’s annoying and reduces the interest in sex. And on the skin are ugly traces.

3. Lubricant — all yours

In adult films do not show, and use the grease very necessary. Especially if you feel burning sensation during sex. Besides its own lubrication and the lubricant on the condom enough to dry quickly.

4. You can tell him what to do during oral sex

Much more useful to say “a little to the left, not as much back an inch so!”than sit and think when this is all over.

5. Don’t sleep with someone who doesn’t think about contraception

Especially those who offers to put the condom on half the time. They do not even realize how easy it is to get pregnant or catching anything in these conditions! It is much more important than losing a couple of percent sensitivity. And to explain to him it is the world’s worst foreplay…

6. You don’t have to swallow

But if he insists, then reviewed porn.

7. Go to the toilet after sex

This little habit will save you from many infections. And he let her wait a minute and continue.

8. If the former suddenly turned, he wants sex

Sure, maybe he’s just bored, but most likely, the reason is much more mundane.

9. Buy quiet vibrator

If you rent an apartment with friends, and you have cardboard walls, not a pity money for a quiet vibrator, not to worry about what the neighbors something to hear. As an option — turn the music on.

10. 69 is not for everyone

Most often it becomes a competition “who will get an orgasm in the most uncomfortable position.”

11. You should not be forced to have sex

There is a difference between no sex for a month and insistence on it in every meeting. People have a right to rest!

12. Pick of contraception

This may require time, effort and money, but definitely worth it. At the same time will surely solve the problem of painful menstruation.

13. Taste new

No, it doesn’t make you unworthy. On the contrary, will be able to understand what you really want.