Sex on schedule. What to do if you have very different needs in sex?

Techno 25 January, 2018

2018-01-25 12:30

Sex on schedule. What to do if you have very different needs in sex?
If you love each other, but your temperaments are not the same and one always wants sex, and the second and then fails — you have to think what to do and how to find a compromise. Internet users discuss how they manage to solve the issue and come to a common denominator.

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1. Love the schedule — it’s not so boring if the right to approach her

“We agreed to have sex on Tuesdays and Saturdays, like a yoga class or a planned shopping trip. It may seem boring, but actually it’s unexpectedly soothing. There’s no surprises and spontaneity, but no nagging, resentment and unrealistic expectations”.

Not all in delight from idea to introduce “planned economy” in this delicate area, but if the problem is a mismatch of temperaments is urgent, then perhaps it’s worth a try.

2. Understand that if your partner doesn’t want sex, then maybe it’s not personal

Of course, it may be that you argued that he is angry at you and you have problems. Or may not be. Probably he just doesn’t want sex. Some people whose temperament is hotter than the partner, recognized that they were not easy to learn not to take rejection for the second half of the sex to your account. But when they managed to do it, it has helped to improve relations.

“I realized that she is not pushing me away, she just wants sex. And we both were trying to show each other care and affection in other areas of the relationship.”

3. Masturbate

If the partner can’t give you what you need, when you need and in sufficient quantity, take matters into your own hands. Including literally.

4. Be prepared to accept what he can give

If you want this minute of normal sex, and he’s only willing to do cunnilingus — agree.

“Often I have to compromise and accept the fact that she just caressed me. But it gives me a relief and, honestly, I am happy. After all, she’s doing it on purpose in order to please me because she cares. When she’s in the mood, I do the same for her.”

5. If you need a change, admit it

If one of you feels that you need sex more or less often than that between the two of you or you want from a partner is something else, then speak up. Only frankness can be the beginning of solving the problem and give you harmony in intimate life.