She grabs a 13 year old girl during a crazy race

News 22 March, 2018
  • Photo Martin Alarie
    Stephanie Fryer was back in court yesterday for a crazy race that occurred four years ago.

    Michael Nguyen

    Thursday, 22 march, 2018 01:00

    Thursday, 22 march, 2018 01:00

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    A chauffarde drunk, that injured a 13 year old girl during a series of collisions behind the wheel of a Cadillac luxury, it could go out with the prison on the weekends.

    “The mother and daughter were walking on the sidewalk when they were struck by a car, it was so amazing ! “one can read in a statement from the victim filed with the court, yesterday, in the folder of Stephanie Fryer.

    Fryer, 49 years old, had pleaded guilty to a string of charges relating to impaired driving and hit-and-run, in addition to harm, refusal to obey and assault on a police officer.

    On the sidewalk

    The case was held in August 2014, in the borough of LaSalle, Montreal. In the afternoon, Jamie has taken the wheel of a shiny new Cadillac Escalade, even though she was not licensed to drive.

    Barely out of the parking lot, the woman was immediately struck by a moving car. Rather than stop, she continued her way to snap up two successive parked vehicles.

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    Ms. Fryer had driven drunk and without a licence, causing several collisions and the wounding of a girl of 13 years, before ending its race in a tree.

    Fryer did not, however, think it a good idea to get out of the SUV, because a few minutes later, she plowed into a wooden staircase. In spite of all these collisions, it has all the same continued on its way, coming this time in a signpost.

    Determined to continue her trip to mad, the operator has continued to roll, happant this time a 13 year old girl who was walking on the sidewalk beside his mother.

    Spitting on a officer

    The race of the chauffarde ended when she crashed into a tree full force. The arrival of the police, Fryer refused to blow into the breathalyzer, in addition to spitting on an officer to show his displeasure of being arrested.

    The teenager was not seriously injured. She has had pain in the neck and head, but she continues to be traumatized by the events.

    “It affects a lot, she has nightmares where she gets hit by cars “, says the statement of the victim.

    The teen and his mother do not dare to almost go out of their homes, in case an event like this happens again.

    At the hearing yesterday, at the palais de justice of Montreal, the defence has indicated that it wishes to Fryer avoid a long prison sentence.

    “We will ask for 90 days to be served intermittently, and a probation with strict conditions,” said the defense lawyer, Alan Guttman.

    Photo Martin Alarie

    Alan Guttman, a lawyer

    The prosecutor Sylvie Dulude will claim up to 18 months in jail, in addition to a driving prohibition of three years, even if Fryer does not have a valid driver’s license.

    The teen, on his side, hope in a sentence of copy. “The driver should take full responsibility in this matter “, one can read in his statement.

    ► Oral arguments are complete, the penalty will be held in may, in front of the judge Silvie Kovacevich.