She’s almost there: in the sky saw a terrible threat to humanity

Techno 8 March, 2018

2018-03-08 09:10

She’s almost there: in the sky saw a terrible threat to humanity
Mysterious Playa X designed to destroy all life on Earth.

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In the Solar system, spotted the mysterious object, which, according to scientists, could be the one planet, the existence of which was mentioned even in prehistoric times, reports Rus.Media.

There is ongoing debate among scientists about the mysterious ninth planet of the Solar system Nibiru. To prove or disprove its existence has not yet managed to anyone.

Recently astronomers have obtained another proof of the fact that the Kuiper belt is a massive celestial body. Some experts believe that this is the mysterious Nibiru, which is designed to destroy all life on Earth, as when approaching the Sun planet wreaking havoc and destruction.

However, scientists are convinced that if that does happen, it will take at least 15 thousand years. The object is quite far from us. However, the same threat and mysterious planet is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers.

Recently, the network spread a video, which showed an unknown object, which they saw in the sky in the Sun. Ufologists claim that this is Nibiru, and it’s already very close to the Ground.

Recall, Australian scientists have resorted to a unique experiment – using the radio aerials they saw an object that looked like the Universe before the “big Bang”.