Six rules that will make your sex perfect

Techno 11 February, 2018

2018-02-11 10:31

Six rules that will make your sex perfect
The main thing — to understand that is a hindrance for an intimate relationship.

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The first time

This fear and shame and a bunch of stereotypes and complexes. But when the partners develop trust, both relaxed woman receiving a lot of positive emotions, a chance for her to receive pleasure grows, reports Rus.Media.

The lack of contact between partners and sex on the machine

It is very important to make it clear to your partner what you want. Otherwise, it may happen that the man is already excited, and you’re just waiting for the end. Here works well foreplay or mutual excitement.

Quarreled, and the bed made up

Unfortunately, this is not an option. Because one of the partners inevitably believes that he is right, while experiencing anger, and resentment. And if your sex is going to happen regularly on that note, you may be disgusted.

Sex as tool of manipulation

“He took out the trash, and I won’t let him”. Sex should be because it is nice. But not a bargaining chip or currency.

When only one of the partners for experimentation

If your partner offers the kind of sex that is acceptable to you, you should refuse. In bed should not be violence. Only pleasure and mutual consent.


It is wrong when a woman behaves passively, not showing any initiative. Your partner may decide that it simply “don’t want” that threatens treason. Take the events into their own hands and give the man perfect sex!