Smart column from Apple became available to consumers

Techno 9 February, 2018

2018-02-09 18:58

Smart column from Apple became available to consumers
Will this instrument in Ukraine, is still unknown. Manufacturer yet says nothing about the prospects for expanding sales.

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Smart column HomePod from Apple became available to buyers, reports Rus.Media. Currently this item manufacturer releases independently, performing preliminary applications of the future owners.

Citizens of the UK, USA and Australia had a unique opportunity to purchase a smart column HomePod from Apple. To do this, people should only pre-order purchase, and the product for a few days will bring to the house owner via email. In addition, smart speakers will go for retail in spetsmagazinah these countries. According to Apple employees that in the future developing plans for the delivery to buyers of the smart HomePod columns on the territory of Germany and France.

Of the benefits of smart speakers include: distribution function of geolocation of the device and automatically adjust the sound when playing music.