So why do men send girls pictures of their penises

Techno 25 January, 2018

2017-11-12 16:47

So why do men send girls pictures of their penises
Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the century — why do men send girls pictures of their penises. (Although the girls don’t like it!).

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Whatever claimed feminists, between men and women — abyss, reports Rus.Media. Man will never know what it’s like to sleep on curlers. A man never feels the labor pains. And finally, one never feels primal fear, getting the photo of the penis (except that his friend the wrong addressee).

The fashion for sending photos of his own penis came to us from the depraved West. There is a problem sending and receiving pictures of the penis is discussed, if not yet at the legislative level, journalistic, exactly. For different audiences — male and female have different articles. “How to photograph a penis, so it seemed more” and “How to block a user who sends a photo with a large penis.”

A survey conducted by Dating site among thousands of users showed that 49% of women at least once received a photo of a stranger’s penis by an unknown man.

A few years ago, women were faced with the only penises in real life. But in recent months the situation has changed strongly: they will receive a photo of a penis stranger or unfamiliar person.

Trust me, it’s unpleasant. The penis of the man she loved (or hated, but who like to have sex) is one thing. It’s a familiar, user-friendly, which is to trust the penis. But the penis of a stranger — the phenomenon of shocking and unpleasant.

So why do men continue to send photos of his dick? Now we have a scientific answer. Psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller believes that men are wrong interpretiruya women’s reactions to this kind of photography. They believe that they are sincerely pleasing a woman with his penis.

In General, let’s make a deal: you send a girl a photo of his penis only if she asks about it. And if you want to impress a stranger, use a touching photo of a kitten. So, in opposition to the “kitten – penis” the winner always comes out a kitten.