Sony introduced a robotic puppy with artificial intelligence

Techno 11 January, 2018

2018-01-11 12:26

Sony introduced a robotic puppy with artificial intelligence
Sony is continuing research in creating artificial intelligence.

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Today the developers officially introduced the world to robot-puppy named aibo, which demonstrates the great potential and the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence, reports Rus.Media.

Work stylized cute dogs and show only the good qualities. Puppies respond to affection and a kind word,” to carry the team owner and get acquainted with strangers. They are able to perform some of the tricks that circus animals are trained. However, the experts, in contrast to the first buyers of fun toys that say that the Sony managed to make a huge step in creating artificial intelligence.

Puppies aibo in Japanese means “friend” not only can be recharged, but are in a constant online dialogue with similar devices around the world, which leads to mutual learning. The first buyers of the puppies-work will cost about two thousand dollars. In addition, their operation requires expensive three-year Internet plan.