Space marriage. Your life partner is already solved

Techno 26 January, 2018

2018-01-26 14:38

Space marriage. Your life partner is already solved
Your soul mate is already chosen for you, and you still do not know.

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You will always come back to each other because the magnetic attraction that exists between you, impossible to stop, reports Rus.Media…

Your soul mate is already chosen for you, and you still do not know.

Here’s something even more strange for you: your soul already knows and Your instinct too!

Space already knows. The whole universe knows. The feeling that you have been with this man for hundreds of years.

You will always come back to each other because the magnetic attraction that exists between you cannot be stopped.

Hard to believe? Well, no

Here’s a tip: never underestimate the feelings of your instinct.

Your instinct is not wrong — it’s true. You can ignore this instinct, because you doubt, it makes sense. Where is the physical proof? Your instinct is much stronger than you think.

Impact on the work

So, if the cosmos in our favor, what with all these failed relationships? There is a time and place for everything. As the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason.

We can’t change what other people feel, and can’t force us to love. We can’t force relationships to develop, when they are broken. Two people create a relationship, and they should be together. Repulsion will only lead to constant failure.

In the past relations were. They were once great, but they failed.

Although there have been disputes,but these failed relationship was a learning process. You recognize his strength as much as your weaknesses; You have learned both negative and positive aspects of your personality.

First of all, the lessons from failed relationships, is the key to your future partner that you need to be.

You learned how to do your future partner a stronger person.


To be a good partner, you have to be true to myself. You should know and accept the person inside and outside

We all pomahuaca. Mistakes are the nature of the beast in our lives. But you stood up. You were looking for the light at the other end of the deep dark tunnel. And you found this world!

It’s called soul searching

We live in the heart

When you finally reach this point of self-acceptance,then you live with the heart. Your life partner will do the same, which will lead to relationships that are based on fear, but rather are based on each other.

Your partner can travel to other countries to have a more active social life, and it may not cause problems. There is security and peace in your relationship because what you feel towards each other is love and trust.

Mutual trust is not only good for relations, but is crucial. You will rest and also know how much you appreciate the space. Freedom from each other does not stop your relationship rather support a certain distance will make your relationship stronger.

You can’t go wrong

The marriage of true connection seems to be harder and harder. Think about the growing rate of divorces, on stories presented in the media. Let’s face it, real love does not come in the form of a romantic Comedy. So simply does not happen!

The main reason for failures is that at least one heart is not connected with others. Anyone who has long been alone can attest to this: society exerts pressure on us to find love.

We disclaim all searches of the second half, we ignore our feelings, instinct, because fear prevents. Nobody wants to be lonely, right?

Proof is what strengthens your confidence.