Splatoon 2 could have a solo campaign

Techno 31 January, 2017

What if Splatoon 2 had a single player campaign? This is what appears to be on the horizon according to some noises of corridors.
It is the site brokenjoystick who unveiled the info … One of their editor met at an event Nintendo press officers who have announced the existence of a single player campaign in Splatoon 2, which was confirmed to this summer on Nintendo Switch . The album would be a sequel to the game released on Wii U, with a single player campaign takes place two years after the first . However, Nintendo has not officially confirmed the words of the editors of the site, but an interview conducted by them and should be online soon prove otherwise. Anyway, it is best to take tweezers with this info, which should be considered a rumor at the moment.
A single player campaign that naturally accompany a fashion battle multiplayer that made the success of the franchise on Wii U . The album will also feature in all likelihood, new well sympatic weapons to daub his friends envy . Just wait for an official confirmation from Nintendo, which could happen quickly … or not. There are several weeks writing melty.fr you spoke of Nintendo and Mario Switch, Splatoon Skyrim and potentially launch (which is not the case since it will have to wait a bit for those three ). What do you expect from this game?