Square Enix and Marvel announce The Avengers Project and a collaboration on the duration

Techno 27 January, 2017

The video game publisher Square Enix and the company Marvel team up. The know-how of the creators of Tomb Raider in the service of the Marvel Universe … We say yes?
Square Enix and Marvel have decided to join forces and announced a partnership on several games and several years. The first title resulting from this association was unveiled in the wake. The Avengers Project -that priori its num- thus revealed through a first teaser . Yesterday two press releases attracted the attention of the internets. Two mastodons of the entertainment industries have announced almost simultaneously that they will make a statement today. The announcement of an announcement in short. On one side, we have Square Enix , the dad of Final Fantasy and other blockbuster video game like Tomb Raider or Hitman , and other Marvel , the parent of all that flies in tights in Hollywood, Superman, Batman and X-Men excluded -yes there is also Spiderman, but we will put it in the box ‘it’s complicated’ well if you want . It was enough to imagine that fans of sensational revelations about Final Fantasy VII Remake one side or speculate on Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe to another … But no.
Some clever little men had gathered the two together, thinking that an association was perhaps in the pipes. So ? New movie Final Fantasy produced by Disney? Nope. Iron Man and Hulk in Kingdom Hearts ? No more. But we warm! In the end, both entities have decided to work around a lot of good big blockbusters, and a first title: The Avengers Project . The know-how of Crystal Dynamics so ( Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain ), led by Square-Enix for a Triple A announced in the universe of Super Heroes, and waited for 2018. An association which can be Paying if our two actors decide to leave free quarter to their creators. What do you think of this association?